Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Carol in Freedomland Part 3

More images from a visit to Freedomland by my friend's mom in 1963. Carol must have liked the view she saw from the skyride as besides these two images, there are more images taken while riding the iron ore buckets. The first photograph for today is a you are there riding the skyride and you can see the towers and a view of the Midwest portion of the theme park.

The second view focuses on the Santa Fe train on the trestle. In the background you can see Old New York.


Major Pepperidge said...

Just like Disneyland's Skyway, people loved to take pictures from Freedomland's Ore Buckets!

Anonymous said...

I thought Santa Fe sponsored Disney exclusively. Apparently not

K. Martinez said...

Anon - I know. You'd think it would've been Pennsylvania Railroad or New York Central that would've been the sponsors of Freedomland's railroad.