Monday, February 17, 2014

Carol Visits Freedomland- the End

Three snapshots today of the petting zoo found outside of the barn for Elsie the Cow. This is one part of Freedomland that was different than the model park of Disneyland. Some of the detailing and theming to a Western barn is nice with some great signs. The animals do seem to be well taken care of and well fed. The first image shows my friend's dad feeding a sheep. Note the nice rock work and the deer pen sign.

A closer look at the sheep eating.

Final image is of Carol feeding the sheep. Check out the crowd and the fence behind her.

Thanks again to Mike for sharing the photographs. My thoughts are with you and Amanda during this tough time.


Chiana_Chat said...

Thanks to Mike and of course our host for another fun peek into the past :)

K. Martinez said...

Thanks for sharing your family photos, Mike. Those early modern theme park photos are the best.