Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Land of Adventure Disneyland 1970

Two lovely snapshots from Adventureland in 1970. The first photograph features a close up of a hippo from the Jungle River Cruise. Luckily out intrepid skipper has discharged his service pistol and scared away the charging hippo.

The second image is of a couple of ladies posing in front of the Tahitian Terrace. The Terrace is a long gone and missed Polynesian restaurant which featured great food and a floor show featuring Hula Dancers and Fire Dancers. The front features some fantastic signage.

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MRaymond said...

The Tahitian Terrace. My grandfathers favorite restaurant. I've eaten there several times and I had a few shots of my grandfather acting like a fool with the dancers, until grandma confiscated them (too racy for a 13 year old). Damn.