Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Disney MGM Studio 1989

In 1989 Disney opened a new park in Florida that was a direct competitor to Universal Studios, the Disney MGM Studio. The park featured not only classic Disney including an animation studio, but also featured the classic MGM movies. Disney made a deal to use the MGM films in the attractions including one of my favorites which is the Great Movie Ride. In addition to the attractions, the park featured a working movie set and was originally marketed as an alternative to filming in Los Angeles. The first image features a film being shot on the New York city backlot.

Another neat attraction was the Disney version of the glamour tram at Universal. The attraction went "behind the scenes" to show what goes on at a studio. One of the stops was the New Mickey Mouse Club. This image shows the costuming department, I really like the Orville head just sitting there.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Is the backlot used for movies at all anymore? Seems a shame, if not.