Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Disney Decade- Alien Encounter Artist Rendering

As part of the Disneyland Decade and the new Tomorrowland 2055 was a concept for an Alien Encounter. To be placed into the Mission to Mars building the attraction was guests would meet aliens. Although not developed and built at Disneyland, the attraction was constructed at Walt Disney World. The WDW attraction is famous for Michael Eisner demanded the attraction be retooled and made more intense.


K. Martinez said...

Nice art rendering of the Alien Encounter proposed for Disneyland. Can't really say I'm disappointed it was never built in Anaheim.

K. Martinez said...

Just wanted to add that I'm really enjoying your Disney Decade publicity photos. Thanks for posting.

Major Pepperidge said...

I once met somebody over at Imagineering back then and I saw some concept drawings. At the time I was really looking forward to a scary attraction in Tomorrowland!