Thursday, January 10, 2013

Main Street Backstage Alley 500 Block Polaroid Shots Part 3

The last two images from this proposed construction project. The first image actually has a cast member working on the lovely doors. Check out all the ladders being tested for the new ladder land attraction.

Next up another shot showing the entrance to Main Street. As Mike has mentioned in comments, this is now Main Street Lockers.


Major Pepperidge said...

I sort of wish I could see what those walls look like now; if they've been completely redone, or if it still looks more or less the same back there.

K. Martinez said...

I still don't undertand the lovely doors being in the backstage area. I'd think this area would be completely utilitarian.



In regards to thos fancy glass doors leading to the dump backstage area: As I mentioned before there was indeed a cast break area located there--Walt must have wanted the area to look nice for his employees. The area was syrrounded by a block and wood fence with decorative latice and coach lamps on each post--that circular space in fron of the doors is the remainder of a planter aerea shown to have had a small shade tree. The area was removed after 1965 when the Plaza Inn was expanded and a larger cast break area was created.

K. Martinez said...

Mike - I just now caught what you posted in previous entry to this series. As always, your information is a fascinating read. I appreciate you answering my question. Thanks!