Monday, November 05, 2012

More Big Thunder Images

I kind of lied a little yesterday as my friend took a whole roll of film photographing Big Thunder Mountain. I have four today and five more for tomorrow. First image is one of my favorites and a nice homage to the Nature's Wonderland Railroad attraction. I like the dinosaur skeleton and the nice splash effect when the trains come rumbling through.

Next up is a nice view of one of the mining set pieces seen from the line. I am not sure if this decoration and set piece is still out at Disneyland.

A view from behind on the walkway between Frontierland and Fantasyland.

Last image shows the wonderful rock work. Big Thunder is one of the best examples of rock work.


K. Martinez said...

I'm so glad you have more. I love these early Big Thunder Mountain images. So many different angles. Look forward to tomorrows installment as well.

BryanOCA said...

Yes, that little cart is still visible! It can be seen on the back side of Big Thunder along the Big Thunder Trail across from the entrance to the Big Thunder Ranch. Thanks for posting great photos!

Anonymous said...

Look closer at that last photo of the Big Thunder Peak! There's a kid up there! Really! Zoom in and look close. Yep, there he (she?) jeans, tshirt and dark hair, standing right next to the top of the first lift. If anyone noticed this young'un they would have had to hit a power disconnect to stop the ride. This would've been a long breakdown because it would have stopped some of the trains in the safety brake zones and they would have had to winch many of them out of the low parts of the ride. I used to be a trainer and foreman on this attraction back in the early 90's. Seeing that kid up there gives me the shivers....