Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1987 Views of Disneyland

Even more photographs from my friend Zulu. Luckily he was pretty good at this photography thing and was interested in signs and other interesting views. First up is a postcard quality shot of Fantasyland with my favorite man made mountain in the background.

Next up is an image of the Main Street Train Station with an excited crowd anticipating a fun filled day at Disneyland.

A nice view of the east side of Main Street. The lamp post is for Snow White's 50th Anniversary.

Final image for today is one of my favorite stores on Main Street, Disneyana. Some wonderful items have been sold through this small shop.


K. Martinez said...

Your friend Zulu definitely is good at composition. I love the Town Square shot.

Major Pepperidge said...

The Disneyana shop is the first place I ever saw a vintage attraction poster for sale. "You can actually OWN one of these?!?". I never bought any there, but it planted the thought in my brain at least.