Monday, August 06, 2012

Tomorrowland and Frontierland

Four last views of the images from Ken at Disneyland Postcards blog. First up is a view of the Submarine Voyage and Monorail track. A long description on the back of this photograph: Submarine (1 of 8) Also part of monorail system we went down on Ethan Allen takes about 20 minutes trip underwater. See shipwrecks, mermaids, sharks, coral, etc. Also shows miniature car freeway.

Next up is a shot of the Monorail with a long description: Monorail- 4 coaches- around 40 people per coach, travels 45 MPH- 2 1/2 miles between Disneyland and hotel Helioport (sic), we rode in very front! He has 4 complete trains in operation every 5 minutes.

A nice view of the Columbia. The photographer was not as verbose on this description: Full size sailing ship Columbia. Loads 250 people on 20 minute cruise- around island, etc.

And of course a picture of the Mark Twain. The note on the back is Sternwheeler River Boat Mark Twain (We rode on 2nd Deck front) Runs by original steam boiler-only oil fired now.


Major Pepperidge said...

Did they add the arrow (in ballpoint pen) so that you would be sure not to miss the submarine?

K. Martinez said...

It's funny how whenever ride length is mentioned in the notes from these B/W images it's always 20 minutes when in fact several of the attractions mentioned are less than half of that time.

Subs, Columbia and Mine Train are all mentioned as 20 minutes.