Thursday, August 02, 2012

Frontierland, Disneyland June 1963

More photographs with notes, this time in Frontierland. First up is the sailing ship Columbia in partial sale. Noted on the reverse is Full rigged- full size reproduction sailing ship Columbia.

Next up is a view that could be seen by the Columbia or the Mark Twain and I know a favorite of many Disneyland historians, the burning settler's cabin. Note the dead settler in place at this time. I have posted a close up of the dead settler. This photograph has the following note: Settlers cabin + dead settler burning- dead at hands of indians- not visible in picture. Picture taken from deck of Riverboat stern wheeler Mark Twain- cabin- forts, Tom Sawyer island. Cabin is in actual flames (must be fireproofed)

Last image for today is the mine train engine #2 at the load station for Nature's Wonderland Railroad. Written on this photograph is Old mine locomotive + train- Western town in background (from somewhere in Colorado Mining country) they take people for 20 minute ride thru tunnels- simulated mountain terrain, etc.


K. Martinez said...

The back-of-the-photo notes for these images gives this series an extra dimension and flavor.

Love the wilderness shot that is the burning cabin.

Hannahx2 said...

I'm loving the captions on the photos! They really didn't want to forget anything!