Thursday, October 27, 2011

Santa's Village March 1966

With Denver receiving the first big snow of the season, I am reminded of Santa's Village in Lake Arrowhead, California. First image sequentially is of the North Pole. I am glad that the North Pole theme park in Colorado still has a similar North Pole.

Next up is one of my favorite Christmas themed rides is the ornament ride where you get to be an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Final image for today is a nice group shot of the Bumbleebee Monorail and Christmas Tree Ornament ride.


Major Pepperidge said...

Bumblebee Monorail, yeah! The only Monorail that gave the Disneyland version a run for its money.

JG said...

Great shots. Fun to see these from different angles. When were these taken?

Major Pepperidge kindly published some of my snapshots of the Xmas tree and the Bee Monorail on his blog some time ago, check them out.

Thank you!


JG said...

Oh, the date was in the title, stupid me.



My shots were from Dec 1965.