Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knott's Berry Farm 1968 Part 1

World's Fair Wednesdays are also going on hiatus for a little while as I collect more images for the series. For those fans of Knott's Berry Farm, I have a nice group of slides from 1968. First up is the crowd shot in Ghost Town. Check out some of the shops in the background, the Crow Shop, Ice Cream and of course the Calico Saloon. I wonder what they are watching?

This is what the crowd is watching, the gun fight. The two train engineers appear to be having fun.

Final image is a nice interior shot of the General Store selling my favorite candy as a kid.


Connie Moreno said...

Nice!!! I love that store, too. We should do a bloggers breakfast at Knott's, don'tcha think? Hmm, I am not liking that weird picture display thingie - I refuse to call it by it's name, LOL.

DrGoat said...

We used to get licorace root and slippery elm there in the 60s. The licorace root was good, the slippery elm was not a big hit with my parents.

DrGoat said...


Major Pepperidge said...

These are nice... like Connie, I especially like the store interior.