Wednesday, May 04, 2011

World's Fair Wednesday- More 1958 Brussel's Images

Found the other stack of slides of the 1958 Brussel's Worlds Fair. Some nice images of exhibits and mid-century modern structures. First slide is titled view from Nederland lighthouse. A nice view of the Atomium and the bell tower.

Next slide is the Airport Display. Check out the jet in the background, and everyone walking on the tarmac.

Welcome house for Gas House.

Radio, Mail and TV pavilion.


Major Pepperidge said...

I love the "modern" style of architecture; not very similar to the architecture of the New York Fair just six years later.

I've seen photos of the Gas House at night, it was lined with cool blue neon lighting!

Katella Gate said...

The Gas House, brought to you by the makers of Zyklon "B".

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but as someone whose relatives perished in the Holocaust I find that last comment in very poor taste.

Katella Gate said...

Anonymous: I apologize if my reference to Zyklon offended you.

It was not intended to make light of mass murder, but to remind people that many of the Nazi-era patents were renewed after the war, and produced by the same companies, often with the same executives.