Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Posing in Frontierland

Three photographs from the same family that documented the fishing and scenic sites on the side of the Rivers of America. First up is an Indian Chief who is always posing.

A nice image on the Mark Twain. She is quite fashionable with her souvenir straw hat and nice pinstripe jumper.

This appears to be mom posing in the center of the Fort at the front of Frontierland. She is also a fashionable model with her printed circle skirt style dress and souvenir hat. There are also some very fashionable background crowd walking by.

A different family poses, with the kid being a little boy and sticking his tongue out. Mom and Dad are nicely dressed with Dad holding the ticket book in his pocket.

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Thufer said...

Nothing in particular; I just am moved by the black and white glimpse into a day at the park during this period. The world seemed right then and the promise of "Tomorrow"land was still to be believed. Still to this day, I'm not sure the world realizes what magic was in the mind of 'the Showman of the World'!
Like I said, the world was OK back then.