Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Euclid Beach Park Cleveland Ohio

At first glance, I thought these were from Cedar Point as the box of slides just have written on the side Cleveland Ohio. However, a little internet search and I found an old Cleveland park that closed in 1969 with the name Euclid Beach in Cleveland Ohio. The park was an old amusement park having opened in 1895. The park definitely had a fun look to it. The Slides are dated 1965 which was towards the end of the park's existence as it closed in 1969. First up is a sky ride with great Art Deco style cabins.

Next up is three views of a nice airplane ride. I like how far out the vehicle swings.

All that remains of the park is the entrance arch.


Connie Moreno said...

When I saw the first pic I thought it might be a cool ride and then I realized that there was no safety barrier to keep you inside the vehicle. Yikes! I've become a wus!

The other pics brought a smile to my face...at first. I love the Zypher at DCA because it reminds me of my youth. I was blown away by how far out to the side these silver bullets fly! Wow!! I thought I remembered them doing that. It figures that Disney would not let the Zypher fly out at that angle. Cool pics.

Kori Donahue said...

You always find the coolest pictures. Have you heard my good news about the paperback version of my novel? I hope you can head over and check it out! Have a fabulous day honey! Kori xoxo


TokyoMagic! said...

I was able to visit the former site of this park a few years back with a friend that was from Euclid, Ohio. The old stone arch that is still standing was the entrance to the parking lot. It's still the entrance into a parking lot, but now high-rise condos stand where the park once sat. Sad! I believe they still have an event once a year where surviving pieces of the park are on display in a local mall including one of those rockets and the mechanical funhouse lady, "Laughing Sal".

stu29573 said...

I thought that park sounded familure! Years ago I read an article about a guy that built a show car out of one of teh rocket vehicles pictured here. Apparently two guys did it... Anyway, Google "Rocketcar" for more info

Anonymous said...

These are very nice pictures, however, they are not from Euclid Beach but from another Clveland Area park Geauga Lake Park. Geauga Lake was in Aurora, Ohio

Anonymous said...

These are definitely Geauga Lake, you can see U-Drive-Em boat sign in background. Euclid Beach never had Dutch Shoes either. Two of the rocket cars went to Cedar Point when Cedar Fair who owned Geauga Lake and Cedar Point closed the park. They use them for their Halloween decorations. The third ones whereabouts is unknown. See more pictures of Geauga Lake at geaugalaketoday.com