Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Little Mining Town of Rainbow Ridge Part 3

As I was searching through my collection of slides, I found two more images of Rainbow Ridge. The first shows the town with the ride queue for the Mule ride in the foreground.

The second is a close up image of the Hotel. It is outrageous that sheets cost half as much as the bed!


Katella Gate said...

The sign about sheets costing extra is not a gag.

I can't vouch for hotels in the wild west, but I can say that around the year 1900, the management at some steamship companies were debating whether to supply sheets for the beds in third class.

Anonymous said...

keep them coming they are great. Do you have any more pictures of the area

K and J said...

I loved the mule ride!!! And I always wanted to stop and stay in the little town -- in that hotel!