Monday, November 10, 2008

Time for Some Ice Cream

After the excitement of meeting the characters, it is time to get ice cream. The first image is from the Carnation Ice Cream fountain on Main Street.

The second image is in the restaurant row by the Rivers of America by Aunt Jemima's. The ice cream cones look very good.


Major Pepperidge said...

Let's face it, ice cream cones always look good!

Katella Gate said...

Snapshots of other peoples families don't usually interest me (unless they are seated at an extinct Disneyland eatery.)

This girl, however, does. In her pictures she seems just happy enough, but not an iota more. She obviously got to Disneyland on a regular basis, but who is she with? Grandparents? Parents? Hard to tell.

It does remind me of my one and only time I invited my own relatives to the Park on my dime. I had just recently got a car, a job, and some spending money and wanted to return the favor to my Grandmother and an aunt that had taken me to the park several times when I was a toddler.

Alas, they were into their 60s by that time, and it seems we spent the whole day sitting at Hills Brothers while they chatted about who was sick, who had died, and what their latest diagnosis was.

They had a good time, so it was "mission accomplished" for me... plus, I got to keep their unused ticket books for later visits to Disneyland. By Myself.