Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Aboard the Swiss Sky Ride- New York World's Fair 1964 #3

Today we will ride along with the photographer riding the Swiss Sky Ride. First lets see what type of bucket we will be riding.

The ride went over the International area and gave riders a panoramic view of the Fair. One of the pavilions seen is the one for China, well actually Taiwan Republic of China, not the People's Republic of China.

Continuing one can see the Pavilions for Sierra Leone and Africa.

The next photo shows the pavilions of Greece and the Philippines with Africa in the background.

The next image shows the Pavilion of Japan in the foreground with the Johnson Wax and Tower of Light.

The next image shows Africa with Malaysia in the background.

The next image shows the New England States and New York Pavilion with a hint of the Unisphere.

The last image is one of my favorites, the Caribbean Pavilion in the foreground and the Unisphere in the background.

I would like to acknowledge the assistance of the website run by Bill Cotter for the assistance in locating the Pavilions. If I have missed any or misnamed any, please let me know. Some more long shots of the Fair tomorrow.


Major Pepperidge said...

This "sky ride" sure did seem to be waaaay up there... much higher than the Disney park versions. i thought that these were enclosed, but maybe I am thinking of the Seattle version (which makes sense).

Bill Cotter said...

Thanks for the kind words but is run by my friend Bill Young and I just help out. My own site is I hope to add more pictures soon but am just finishing a book on the 1939-40 Fair that is keeping me busy.

The Swiss Sky Ride was a great way to see the Fair. Adter the Fair at least part of it ended up at a park in New Jersey. Someone bought one of the cars about a year or so ago and was restoring it.

The 1962 Seattle ones were enclosed. I've wondered if they had a cooling system of some sort for those rare warm days.