Saturday, November 22, 2008

Columbia Below Decks Number 3

More images from the Below Decks exhibit. The images feature the working areas of the ship including the stacking of the hides, the ships carpenter and the rigging and the armory. The details that Emile Kuri was able to get into the area is pretty amazing, considering the amount of space used for the walkways. For all of those readers who have not gone below decks to visit the so the next time you are at Disneyland.


Katella Gate said...

Obviously, there is some kind of Colombian Conspiracy going on today, with pictures of this ship showing up all over the Disney Blog-o-sphere.

Well, I won't be part of it. Now you will never know the difference between an Ax and an Adz (as shown in picture no. 2)

Major Pepperidge said...

Hard to believe that these were taken over 40 years ago, they look so bright and clear.