Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Old Entrance

Here are two nice views of the entrance to Disneyland. The first shows the old line of Ticket Booths where one would purchase your admission to Disneyland. The signs up on the booth with the ticket prices would be great to own.

The second image is the actual gate entrance with the great sweeping look and above each gate a letter spelling out Disneyland.

One of the only few successes of the new Disneyland Resort is that the entrance plaza seems more grand in a way and also capable of handling the large crowds. For E-Ticket Tim and all those other sign fanatics out there, here is a close up of the ticket prices sign:

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E-Ticket Tim said...

WOW! These are super front gate photo's! As a Disneyland ticket collector, I would DIE for one of those signs! Any chance you can get a sharper scan so I can see the prices? I agree with you about the new entrance Plaza, more grand but it still envokes the nice memories of the old entrance. Thanks for the great posts! Tim