Sunday, July 29, 2007

Disneyland Hotel Golf Course Scorecards

I thought I would do a long post showing the inside of the various Disneyland Hotel Golf Course score cards. The first is what I believe is the oldest, before the holes were themed to Disneyland.

Next is the one with the castle on the front. It is dated 1961 and the holes are now themed to various Disneyland locations.

Finally is the blue one with the Mickey Mouse fountain on the front cover. It is dated 1964.

Finally to add some color and to show the Disneyland Hotel as it used to be is this set of four souvenir slides. Unfortunately the souvenir slides have a nasty habit of turning red and making it hard to re color so they come out looking like nostalgic photos. My favorite shot is of the Coral swim club with a person actully using one of the bamboo and paper umbrella's. A very nice souvenir.

I hope you enjoy my post on the hotel and have a happy Sunday.


Davelandweb said...

Matterhorn - these are great! And from the souvenir slides I see that what I thought was a backshot of the Disneyland slide in one of my posts was actually the sign you have of the hotel. Love the M. Golf cards too!

walterworld said...

Hello Matterhorn---

One thing might need clearing up; there was both a real golf course and a putt-putt miniature type course. The first three items are for the regular "grown-up" golf course and the Magic-Kingdom themed items belong to the miniature course. All is fascinating but I was especially happy to see the layout of the adult course which I hadn't beheld before.

Please keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the adult course layout item is very hard to find. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

One more clarification... the adult course was still smaller than a 'normal adult course'. In those days these were typically called a 'pitch and putt' course. You didn't have really long 'drives' on these courses.