Saturday, July 07, 2007

Disneyland Hotel Under Construction 1955

I was inspired by Daveland's set of Disneyland Hotel images to start a week of the Disneyland Hotel. The first photograph is of the shops and pool under construction in 1955. In the foreground are some remnants of the orange groves with houses still seen in the background. The iconic holey steel girders are up and the concrete is being poured. Stick around for more images of the Disneyland Hotel next week.


Major Pepperidge said...

Cool, this angle is pretty close to a photo that I posted a while ago.

walterworld said...

Great shot Matterhorn! Where did this one come from? Was it a guest shot from the very first months of operation?

More DHotel please!

And THANKS for the effort you put out everyday!

Don Ballard said...

Where did you find these pictures?

Don Ballard said...

Can you please contact me through my website

Don Ballard said...

This is a great shot of Olympic Pool and Administration/Restaraunts/Shops
buildings construction. I have never seen a construction shot from this angle or of the pool. I have some shots of the hole being dug for the pool but never at this stage.