Monday, August 22, 2016

Row, Row Your Boat....

Gently down the Rivers of America. The only ride that requires full participation of guests is the Indian War Canoes (now renamed the Davey Crockett Explorer Canoes.) This looks like it a was a chilly day to be out on the water, December 1964. My favorite rower is the boy in the white jacket dragging his paddle in the water.


Chuck said...

Some of my best memories of Disneyland were on chilly, cloudy days.

You can just make out the entrance to Injun Joe's Cave on the right and the fishing pier on the left. Lots of contrasting red coats - reminds me of the National Geographic "Red Shirt School of Photography."

Anonymous said...

Paddling, not rowing - and none of them seem to be doing either one

Sorry, just a personal thing, but there is a big difference.
It would move better and be warmer if they did paddle, though.

Anonymous said...

"Well if you don't paddle for me I'll have to paddle YOU!"

Former Canoe CM