Monday, August 15, 2016

Knott's Black and White Snapshots From the Late 1940s

A small group of three black and white snapshots from a visit to Knott's Berry Farm in the late 1940s. The three visitors enjoyed the Conestoga wagons that were part of the covered wagon stage area. First up is the husband (or maybe boyfriend.)

And of course his best girl posing in the same wagon.

Of course the requisite shot with some residents of ghost town. She is very evocative of the late 1940s with her dress, coat, bobby sox and saddle shoes, an inspiration for those who attend Dapper Days.


Chuck said...

I haven't been inside the park in 20 years. Are the Conestoga wagon seats still there?

Anonymous said...

Wow, look how the parking lot was right up against the Wagon Camp! I remember when the parking lot was there, but only with the high wall between it and the wagons.

Chuck, the arena and the wagons with the seats are still there, although I believe there are fewer wagons today.

- TokyoMagic!

Anonymous said...

She looks a lot like my mother, same hairdo etc.

Mom would never have sat with those guys on that bench, far too risque.

cool pic, thanks.

Chuck said...

Thanks, TokyoMagic! I was so focused on the wagons I completely missed the Studebaker parked right there.