Monday, August 08, 2016

Omnibus on Main Street

A great view of the Main Street Omnibus showcasing the lovely small attraction posters that were painted on the side of the bus. Also showcased is the great lettering seen on the bus along with the nice pinstriping. The bus was manufactured by WED using a modern chassis and engine and sheet metal as designed by Bob Gurr. I still enjoy taking a ride down Main Street on the second story of the bus.


Chuck said...

I have never ridden on the omnibus, either at Disneyland, WDW's Magic Kingdom or at EPCOT, er, I mean Epcot. I have ridden on the upper deck of a London bus, though. Do I get some kind of extra credit?

K. Martinez said...

Nice shot of the "landscape" formatted attraction posters.

Chuck, Not only do you get extra credit, but you get quadruple credit since you've ridden the real thing! I have ridden the Omnibus at Disneyland countless times. I've actually ridden all the Main Street Gurr Mobiles multiple times, but the Horse-Drawn Street Car and Omnibus have always been my favorites.