Friday, May 20, 2016

Souvenir Friday- Tinker Bell Purse

One of my favorite souvenirs is the plastic Tinker Bell purse. I am sure this purse was on every little girls wish list when they visited Disneyland. This purse was actually played with and came with the various doll accessories- mirror, plate of fruit, pencil, plastic container, cookbook, clear plastic container, and my favorite a chemical flask and pie. The purse is kid sized and this one was well loved.


Kate Klein said...

I have this in both pink and blue.

BRAWLEY said...

I had this when I was 4 (in 1975). I can still remember how it felt to chew on the strap and also the way it smelled. I took it to Show and Tell in kindergarten and never saw it again. I was devastated and have been trying to buy one for many years. Is this one for sale? Just curious. If it's not for sale, I shall admire you photo and possibly make it a screen saver on my phone. Thanks for sharing such an awesome item!

Tina Matyskela
Riverside, IL

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