Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Back In Action- 1956 Red Snapshots

Hello All, I am back in action to posting images. The time off was due to a large work project requiring many hours at the end of the project. The project was remodeling the laboratory and moving a sister laboratory into the building. Now that is over and I can get back to posting on a regular basis. Thanks for all the kind words and concern expressed, it did help while I was in the middle of getting the project done.

Now to today's post. I picked up a nice set of snapshots with a some great views. The problem is that the KodaColor photographic paper has turned very red. I have corrected the color as best as I can. For those who are wizards at Photoshop, I have included a scan of the red photograph. The photographer was standing on the platform to the Main Street Station looking up Main Street towards Sleeping Beauty Castle. There is lots of activity around the Horse Drawn Street Car with another car heading away from Town Square.

Here is the non-color manipulated image so you can see how much color loss in the photograph.

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