Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Interior of Passenger Train Disneyland 1956

One of my favorite images from the set of red photographs is this interior of the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad passenger coach. If it looks like the inside of the school bus you rode during elementary school, it is because the seats were purchased from a school bus company. Mom and kids are enjoying a Coke from the Coke Corner or maybe a Pepsi from the Golden Horseshoe Review.

Just to continue the addition of the red scan, here is the original scan of the snapshot.

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Chuck said...

I don't think I've ever seen a photo of the interior of the original passenger coaches that shows that much detail, even if the color is off. The school bus seating, the decorations along the ceiling, the way you could look from one coach into the next and the next through the windows on either side of the door.

You can also see a subtle detail that foreshadows the eventual retirement of the passenger car set. It's obviously an uncrowded day, as every member of the family in the photo has their own seat and there doesn't seem to be anyone else in the car. They have their pick of seating and yet they are all seated on the right side of the car. The reason - so they can see the Park better. This is why the three car sets built after the Park opened all have open sides - two of them with sideways seating - and why the original 1955 freight cars were opened up and had sideways seating added as well.

Loving this series!