Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Walt Disney World Photographs

Two kind of meh photographs from Walt Disney World. First up is from a parade down Main Street with a rare character in the middle of the image. Yes, there is a live skunk in the middle of the street...Flower from Bambi.

The second image is of the ornate Victorian style railroad station. This photo was taken from the second story of the Omnibus (that were imported from Disneyland and a second set was made for Disneyland.)



K. Martinez said...

Didn't a set of Omnibuses get transferred to EPCOT Center's World Showcase too?


Both Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom sent their Main Street USA Omnibuses f (2 each from each park) to EPCOT CENTER to help transport guests around World Showcase. These 4 buses even kept their Main Street Liveries during their uses at EPCOT. Originally totally new designs were to be built by MAPO based on late 1920's British RouteMaster buses (featuring enclosed upper decks), but the Main Street USA buses proved to work so well. The new fleet for EPCOT CENTER were built off the newer and larger WDW Magic Kingdom 1971 Omnibuses plans. By the time the EPCOT bus fleet was completed the two original 1950's Disneyland Buses rotted away in the extreme Florida weather. Two extra replacement buses were fabricated to replace the lost set of Disneyland buses, however they were also built from the WDW plans. Today the Disneyland Main Street Omnibuses are 1982/83 built WDW Magic Kingdom-EPCOT buses.


The Walt Disney World Main Street Omnibuses are the same buses built for the 1971 opening.


correction: sorry it's late:

The new buses WED/MAPO originally intended to build for WORLD SHOWCASE were based on 1929 Leyand Titan Buses ( not the RoutMaster I mentioned above)

K. Martinez said...

MIKE COZART, I always wondered how they shuffled around the Omnibus vehicles. I didn't realize the original Disneyland set rotted away in that we have a different set in Anaheim now. Thanks for that bit of Omnibus history.