Friday, March 04, 2016

Souvenir Friday- 1961 Magic Kingdom Club Flyer

Many have probably read that Jack Lindquist passed away recently. One of his innovations was the creation of the Magic Kingdom club to increase attendance. This ticket flyer for Winter 1961 extols one of the great benefits of the Magic Kingdom club was the tickets allowed admission to any attraction. My grandparents were long time members of the Magic Kingdom club and I remember this ticket books and also later on the tags that allowed us to ride any rides without any tickets.


Chuck said...

My parents were members as well, and I remember we always had different ticket books than everyone else. We never had the "any ride" tags at Disneyland, but we did have "any attraction (except shooting galleries)" passes (with tear-off tickets to Discovery Island and River Country) for a 1979 trip to WDW that we safety-pinned to our shirts. We got lots of "where did you get those from?" from other guests.

outsidetheberm said...

Jack Lindquist's recent passing was quite a sad turning of the page. Creating the Magic Kingdom Club was perhaps one of the greatest marketing moves in theme park history. It seems that just a few mere months ago we had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Lindquist speak at the Orange County Historical Society's meeting. We're so fortunate that the indefatigable Chris Jepsen was our host that evening. That was one memorable night. Thank you, Chris, for inviting Jack and having him share his memories!