Thursday, March 10, 2016

Two Views of the Skyway

Two different views of the Skyway. The first image is a moody image taken in Tomorrowland featuring the pre-1965 round buckets passing in front of the Douglas version of the Rocket to the Moon and the Astro Jets. Unfortunately the snapshot has a little damage right in the middle of the image.

The second photograph today is from the second version of the skyway with rectangular buckets. We are heading towards the Matterhorn and Fantasyland is underneath us. In the distance is the Grand Hotel.


K. Martinez said...

What a beautiful classic shot, the Matterhorn/Skyway image is. The day they removed the Skyway is the day Disneyland changed forever in my eyes. My absolute favorite attraction from Disneyland's past.

Anonymous said...

Love the view of the Grand Hotel. We stayed there once, in it's decline, alas. Great location though.