Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Treehouse and a small world.

Two nice views of some fun attractions in Disneyland with great background music. First up is the Swiss Family Treehouse that featured the Swisskapolka as a theme song. I was hoping this image featured Earl Archer who was one of the main cast members for the Swiss Family Treehouse, but it does not look like him.

Next is an overhead view of it's a small world which of course features the classic Sherman Brothers theme song. This view shows the open area with the Storybook Canal Boats on the left and the Motorboat Cruise on the right.


MRaymond said...

Love these shots. I remember climbing all over the tree house while my parents waited below. My favorite thing was to follow all the paths that the water took as it flowed to certain rooms.

K. Martinez said...

Wonderful shot of the Swiss Family Treehouse! I used to go on the Swiss Family version every visit to Disneyland, but have only been twice on the Tarzan version. Not the same.

@MRaymond - I remember studying the water flow throughout the attraction as I climbed the Treehouse too.

Major Pepperidge said...

The original Treehouse... I am jealous of Florida, where the Swiss Family still lives. I don't remember noticing that little seating area next to Storybook Land before.

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to mention Earl. There are some long tenured employees who, for those of us who worked with them, will forever be known for a particular attraction. Earl is remembered as 'Mr. Treehouse'. There is a picture of him on a FB site which memorializes those who have passed.