Thursday, October 08, 2015

Skyway and Pele

Two different Disneyland trips by the same family yield two nice images. First up is a nice view from the Matterhorn side of the Submarine Voyage lagoon featuring the Monorail, Skyway and in the background the Carousel of Progress. The photographer also managed to capture one of the submarines coming head on and one at the dock. I am sure most of you miss the Skyway as much as I do.

The second image is one of my favorite set pieces in the Enchanted Tiki garden outside of the Tiki room, Pele. The photographer was kind enough to get the sign in the image.


K. Martinez said...

Sigh. That first image really makes me long for the days of golden age Disneyland.

As for missing the Skyway, it was my absolute top favorite of all the long-gone Disneyland attractions. It's removal forever changed the way I felt about Disneyland. Nice set today. Thanks!

MRaymond said...

It looks like the Peoplemover wasn't running that day.

Chuck said...

Look out! That's sub's coming right at us! Run!