Thursday, October 29, 2015

Storybook From the Skyway

Two nice images of the Storybook Canal Boats from the Skyway. First is an overall view showing the always smiling Monstro with it's a small world in the background. I like the lush landscaping for Storybook and Casey.

Next up is a closer image of one of the Storybook boats. I like the quilt in the background and Toad Hall on the left hand side.


DIX A Disney resource index said...

In the first image in front of it's a small world: are the two (light-)poles the ones which later were cut down as described by Rolly Crump in his book?

K. Martinez said...

The first pic is awesome. The view just isn't open like that anymore. I think the back of the Global Van Lines building is also visible in the first image.

Looks like the photographer caught a tiny bit of the Casey Jr. on the bottom-right of the second image. Beautiful set today. Thanks!

Nanook said...

Happily agreeing with Ken on this: That first image is a beauty. We can even spy just a bit of one of the waterfalls from Skull Rock on the far left. Nice, nice, nice.