Monday, October 20, 2014

Star Tours 1987

Going into my own archives of photographs from a trip in 1987. The focus is on Star Tours, the motion simulator ride featuring the Star Wars universe and was drawing large crowds. Being of the right age, Star Wars was a great influence on me and a film series I watched and loved. Star Tours was a great fun ride with a story and set up that placed the guest into the universe. First up is the marquee sign from the long line.

Next up is a shot of C3PO working on a Star Cruiser. Unfortunately it was crowded and I managed to get a guest in the image...

Last image is of the fun droid working on the repair line. Originally one of the geese from America Sings that has been plucked and skinned.


K. Martinez said...

I went on Star Tours the first week it opened. I got in line right after the opening of the park and after that one ride, I didn't go back on. The line was already way too long as I exited. It was a one shot deal that day. I had already waited well over an hour in line even though it was first thing in the morning. It was crazy.

I do miss the old queue of the original Star Tours with its audio-animatronic droids and moving cargo baskets traveling overhead. These shots bring back those memories. Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

I used to hear that there was an Atomobile in one of the baskets that moved overhead (and beneath us), but I never saw it… do you know if that rumor was true?