Monday, October 06, 2014

2 Views of Matterhorn in Black and White

Two nice views of the Matterhorn in black and white. Both images are from 1966 and feature some new changes to Disneyland and one features an attraction soon to be gone. The first image shows the Matterhorn from the hub. In the foreground is the Monsanto Home of the Future. 1966 would be the last year for this attraction. On the right hand side is the nice court of honor flags which was the entrance to Tomorrowland. I like the umbrella's in the hub to provide some shade.

The second image is of the Matterhorn from the Tomorrowland side. On the right hand side is the Monorail entrance and on the left hand side is the Yacht bar. Overhead is the Skyway with the new square buckets in place of the round buckets.


Anonymous said...

There is no apostrophe in "umbrellas."

stu29573 said...

There is now. Fight the power!!!