Friday, October 10, 2014

Souvenir Friday- The Devil In Popular Culture

Though not necessarily Halloween souvenirs, the devil does make it on to many items of popular culture. Some products and schools that feature a devil logo include Pluto Water, Red Devil paint, Deviled Ham, Duke University Arizona State University and more. Here are some souvenirs I have picked up that feature old Mr. Satan. First up is a pennant from Hell's Half Acre located in Wyoming featuring the rock formations and a full figured Mr. Beelzebub.

Next up are two license plates. The first is for a High School with a nice demon head for their mascot, the Springer Red Devil.

Next is a license plate from Northwestern State College located in Natchitoches, Louisiana featuring their logo for their athletics, the Demons.


K. Martinez said...

The Louisiana Demons plate is cool. This post sparks my memories of the comic book character Hot Stuff the little Devil, of which I used to read the comics as a kid.

Major Pepperidge said...

Funny, I have been trying to find vintage pinback buttons that picture the Devil! Laxatives, amusement parks, soft drinks, you never know where he'll pop up.

Nowadays, religious dummies would probably not allow a school to name their team the "Red Devils" or the "Demons".