Friday, June 27, 2014

Souvenir Friday- World War 2 Disney Studio Training Film Carictures

During World War 2 the armed services invaded Disney and contracted with the studio to create many training films for the vast number of new recruits in the Army, Army Air Force, Navy, Marine and even the Coast Guard. This piece is from that time period and is a hand colored print of the various technical advisers who were stationed at Disney. The artist is Art Elliott. I found this information on him online: Born in Philadelphia in 1913, studied at the Philadelphia art institute in 1931 and moved to Hollywood in 1936 where he worked until the end of the war. He has animation credits for Bambi and Fantasia- Dance of the Hours. He also was an animator on a majority of training films. He left Disney after World War 2 and received a scholarship to travel and paint in Europe where he had many one man shows, even one on the S.S. Andrea Doria in 1954. Art passed away in 1983. I am not sure who the eight advisers are but I do like that the background is the Walt Disney Studio entrance.

Here are some close up of the advisers.

And the signature on the piece.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Original artwork like this (not made to be seen by the public) is so awesome. And the fact that it comes from the WW2 era… great piece!