Thursday, June 05, 2014

Johnny Visits Freedomland Part 3

Although only 7 total images, this visit to Freedomland has been fun. First photo for today's post is of Johhny's friend Bobby standing next to the fire apparatus used to put out the Great Chicago Fire. Check out the burnt wood and rubble in the background.

Next up Johnny poses with a very non-native American looking Indian and one of the train robbers. Johnny definitely has reached his hands high! I believe this is the station in the San Francisco area.

The last image is one of my all time favorite theme park images featuring my all time favorite theme park character. The area is rarely photographed and it looks like both Johnny and the character are holding Chinese torture device. The Chinese Junks docked in the background add a great scenic element.


Major Pepperidge said...

I love the photos of Johnny with the cowboy, indian, and sea captain! I've never seen anything like those before.

K. Martinez said...

What an awesome image of the Chinese Junks and sea captain. There's so much detail to look at and it's very unusual.

David W. said...

I love seeing Freedomland pix. There's not much info on this short lived park, and so all "new" photos are interesting.

Chris Jepsen said...

You just know that Sea Captain was also the park's Santa Claus come Christmas time.