Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Indian Village Versus Fort Wilderness

Two snapshots of two different environments in Frontierland. First up is a house in Indian Village. The village was where guests would watch dancers and also explore life as a Native American in the late 1800s. The village was a nice example of the Imagineers edutainment.

Next up is a different environment, that of a Fort at the edge of the frontier. Here guests could learn and imagine themselves as Cavalry on the outpost of American civilization. Unfortunately, both environments are long gone.

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K. Martinez said...

Honestly, I never imagined myself as Cavalry on the outpost of civilization in Fort Wilderness. I was more like a guest going through Fort Wilderness looking around here and there at the details and then going to the snack bar or restroom before heading back to the rafts.

I never found Disneyland to be convincing except maybe as a very young child. It was the design aspects and the mechanical wonderland that it was and is that truly fascinated and kept me coming back for more.