Friday, June 06, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Ceramic Dumbo

One of my favorite ceramic souvenirs is this Dumbo. I remember seeing this souvenir in the Disney News article on Disneyland collecting. The Dumbo has his trunk up which is good luck and appears to be just so happy and jaunty. On his cap is hand painted Disneyland to remind the owner of where this cute Dumbo was acquired.


Major Pepperidge said...

The airbrushed glaze reminds me of the old Leeds ceramics. Great item!

K. Martinez said...

Beautiful Dumbo figurine.

One of the things I miss from Disneyland are the scads of classic Disney character ceramic figurines they used to sell at the Character Shop and the Emporium. They had rows and rows of them. At one time I must've had about 50 figurines. Now all there seems to be is the resin or plastic crap.