Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sea World Circa Late 1970s

First off a correction, yesterday's photographs are from 1988 the year Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released. The Fantasy Follies show played over many years and included additions as new characters and skits were introduced. Now on to today's images. These images are of Sea world circa late 1970s. My favorite show is the Dolphin show featuring the Pirate Ship and volcano as well as a Tiki hut. First up are a couple images of the dolphins performing.

Next up is a shot of a stuntman falling into the water as part of the skit.

Final image is from another show featuring Walrus, Penguins and other small mammals. The skits for this version of the show featured a cowboy and western theme. The RC logo brings back memories of childhood as it was one of the few sodas that was in my house.


K. Martinez said...

I remember RC Cola. Do they even make that anymore?

Chris Merritt said...

Love it! Wes Cook designed both the Pirate Ship & the RC Cola background...