Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Interior of the Pirates of the Carribean Circa 1986

The photographer probably was admonished not to use their flash, but the photographs are nice. First up is the skeleton bar scene with one of my favorite special effects of the wine going through the skeletons mouth and throat. The lovely red head as a Pirate Wench painting can be seen in this image.

Next up is the mayor dunking scene. I like all the loot already gathered by the pirates.

Here is the crowd watching and bidding on the wenches. I can hear them now....We wants the red head, we wants the red head!


K. Martinez said...

Actually I find the flash less offensive that the electronic gadgets used today to film and photograph. I find the glaring screens very distracting to the eye.

Rich T. said...

Both flash and phone/camera screens are very annoying!

The wine-drinking skeleton is one of my favorite effects, too: I cheered the first time I saw the first PotC movie and saw the tribute to that bit when Barbosa steps into the moonlight for the first time and takes a good, long swig.

Snow White Archive said...

It's hard to beat wine-drinking skeletons. Good stuff!