Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Trip to Santa's Village Part 1

A nice set of views from Santa's Village located in cool San Bernadino mountains. Set in a nice forest setting near Lake Arrowhead, the memories of visiting this park should cool off my Southern California readers. First up is a neat view of the Bumblebee Monorail in action. The background structures are very North Pole.

Next up another attraction was Santa's Sleigh pulled by actual reindeer. I like the tunnel the sleigh would go through during the ride.

One of my memories from visiting the park is posing at this castle in front of the pools like these kids are doing.

Final image is of a nice picnic at the park.


Major Pepperidge said...

Love Santa's VIllage; how abouit those uncomfortable-lookiing "benches" at the picnic area? You won't want to linger.

Rich T. said...

I grew up visiting the Santa's Village near Santa Cruz. No Bumblebee Monorail there, unfortunately. Loved climbing on the giant mushrooms!

K. Martinez said...

Rich T. - I grew up visiting the Santa's Village in Scotts Valley too, being that I'm from Santa Cruz.

There are a few giant mushrooms from the park located at MacDorsa Park in Scotts Valley, CA.

K. Martinez said...

Here's a photo of those mushrooms where they are today.

Bunthorne said...

There was another little theme park up near Lake Arrowhead called Enchanted Forest. Do you have any photos from there? I know they had lots of those concrete mushrooms as well.

Rich T. said...

K. Martinez - Thanks for the link! Oh my gosh, those poor mushrooms need some paint! :)