Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Santa's Village in Glorious Black and White 1956

Some nice black and white snap shots from a trip to Santa's Village in 1956. First up is Mom posing with the directional sign at the front entrance of the park.

Next up is my favorite ride at Santa's Village- the Christmas Tree Ornament ride. I like the snow man and the young girl with both vertical and horizontal stripes.

Next up is a view of Santa Claus being paid off to put the young boy on his good list.

A little lost lamb at the Santa's Village wishing well.


Major Pepperidge said...

I think that boy is showing Santa that he's "got his nose".

K. Martinez said...

I love the Christmas Tree ride, but have to say my favorite was Frosty's Snowball Ride at the Santa's Village in Scotts Valley.

It was a like the Mad Tea Party but with snowballs and a snowman as the centerpiece.

Great B&Ws!

Major, I remember that "got your nose" trick.

Rich T. said...

Loved both the Christmas Tree and Snowball rides! My favorite at Scotts Valley, though, was the indoor Alice in Wonderland funhouse/maze. Did this Santa's Village have that attraction?