Monday, April 23, 2012

Entertainment At PMR Night At Disneyland

Having some computer I missed posting over the weekend. These two images feature the bands that played for the enjoyment of the PMR families. First up is a day shot with the Dateniters playing in the band.

Next up is the Spacemen with Kay Bell on the Tomorrowland stage.


Major Pepperidge said...

Is that Kay Bell in both photos? Do the Dateniters know that she is two-timing them with the Spacemen?

Anonymous said...

In entertainment, you often work with several groups. The Rillera's were the Spacemen; and also the backup band for The Richeous Brothers, Ray Charles, members of Dick Dale & The DelTones, Red Eye, and others. I listen to the radio one day and while different groups, 6 of 8 songs I heard, I know the Rillera's performed on.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, I heard Kay Bell & The Spacemen many nights at D-Land. After she left them, my friend Bobby Hatfield did a walk-on one day with the "former" Spacemen; on the Tomorrowland temporary stage; while the new stage was being built.