Sunday, November 13, 2011

Submarine Voyage is 101 and More

Though slightly blurry, the first slide shows how a Submarine that has stopped running is towed back to the dock. The fact that the Mermaids are watching this happen just adds to the image.

This slide is in much sharper focus, shows the Mermaids sunning themselves with the Matterhorn and the Fantasyland Autopia in the background.

Last image today is a bonus, the family posing in front of the Fantasyland ticket booth...specifically the Casey Junior Railroad booth. The theming of the booth is amongst the best examples. I am happy to note that this structure still exists, used as the break area and employee area for the cast members working Casey Junior.


Chiana_Chat said...

hehe looks like they better forget about the camera and keep their eyes on the lady sneaking off with the tickets. :D

Never thought about what would happen if a sub broke down! "Go take this sub out and tow that sub off." "Aye aye Sir."

3 Mermaids - it's a pajama er shell bra party? The one's all, "This chlorine is murder on the scales. Anyway, Ernst the mountain climber is totally hot. All those people are standing around the lagoon again, can they hear us out here?"

Thufer said...

So, question is answered. The subs did have a reverse gear.(?)