Monday, November 07, 2011

Japanese Village Deer Park June 1970 Part 1

So the family stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and went to Japanese Village Deer Park up the freeway in Buena Park. I do not think they went to Disneyland...but I am happy they went to the Deer Park and preserved the trip in these photographs. First photograph is of the entrance to the deer petting area I believe.

I believe this vendor is selling dove food for the dove petting pavilion which is shown in the next photograph.


Major Pepperidge said...

I'm glad I had a chance to experience "Japanese Village". Do these photos mean that the family stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, but didn't even go to that park??!

Chiana_Chat said...

Thanks for this Japanese Village Deer Park sets.

Purple Pants Girl is clearly feeling the Peace And Love holding that dove. And that's the finest dressed vendor I think I've ever seen!