Wednesday, August 17, 2011

World's Fair Wednesday- 1933 Chicago Part 1

The 1933=34 Chicago World's Fair does not get enough attention as it should. The fair was a great fair and had a nice Art Deco design to the buildings and the souvenirs. This series of images come from a postcard folder which feature nice renderings of the various attractions. First up is the Chrysler Motor Building and Test Track.

Next up is a view of the Romantic and Colorful pageant "Wings Of A Century". After World War 2, this was the site of the Chicago Rail Fair.

Final image is of the amusement area. The rendering shows one of the most fun looking amusement areas from any world's fair. The caption reads Enchanted Island, glorified playground where parents may leave their children.

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Anonymous said...

That last image sure looks like the matterhorn.