Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Trip Back to the Chicago Rail Fair- Part 2

The rest of the snapshots and souvenir pictures from the Chicago Rail Fair. First up is a smaller replica of a fantastic roadside attraction- the Paul Bunyan from Brainerd, Minnesota. The exhibit was sponsored by the Chicago and North Western Railroad.

A closer snapshot of the exhibit.

Another roadside exhibit is the Bok Tower located in Lake Wales, Florida. I wonder if the tower did sing?

Another snapshot view. I wonder why the person purchased the souvenir images?

A final image of Yellowstone and a geyser. This may be where the idea for Nature's Wonderland was germinated.


Major Pepperidge said...

More great pictures from this train fair!

Maybe they planned on giving the souvenir images to somebody? You'll often find souvenir slides mixed in with amateur Disneyland slides, so I guess the folks just had more faith in a professional photographer's abilities.

Ron said...

That looks just like the Bok Tower here in Florida. I wonder what the connection is.